Scores of nighttime revellers on the island of Bali have been injured this week after one of the most horrific examples of a Full Nelson in history.

Traditionally the Full Nelson is a wrestling hold gained from behind an opponent by thrusting the arms under the opponent’s arms and clasping the hands behind the opponent’s head.

However, the modern variation of the dangerous wrestling move involves a professional rugby league player named Nelson, filled to the gills with piss, inflicting damage upon a crowd of people out the front of a club.

The latest use of the move occurred this weekend in the spiritual home of the off-season rugby league player Bali, when a Melbourne Storm prop used the modern variation to injure dozens of men.

It’s believed a significant number of the injuries were security guards trying to prevent the move from occurring.

It’s yet to be confirmed what will happen as a result of the dangerous move being used in public, but it’s believed the Melbourne Storm player might not be going back to Bali any time soon.

More to come.


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