The continued boycott of the Australian National Anthem has reached the Women’s FIFA World Cup as a disrespectful team of non-patriots have refused to sing along.

As the Matilda’s prepared to face off against Norway, it became clear that the Norwegian women’s soccer team would not be singing along to the Australian National anthem, with many of them appearing to not know the words.

“This is a disgrace to our nation,” stated Alan Jones.

“The fact the Norwegian team weren’t singing the anthem is horrible.”

The proud tradition of the Advance Australia Fair as our national anthem dates back to the era Prince gave us Purple Rain and is, therefore, a sacred song to the roughly 15 million Australian’s the words are applicable to.

Contrary to this, reports are circulating that some sporting events are going ahead without the Australian anthem even being played at all, including before the Jamaica vs Brazil match.

More to come.


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