Talkback radio and the NewsCorp outlets have been alight this week, with sensational claims about Rabbitohs star Latrell Mitchell

The South Sydney fullback joins a long list of Indigenous people that Australia’s conservative media and political class have identified as ‘too big for their boots’ – and must be knocked down a few pegs with constant and sensationalised media coverage.

This is mostly due to the political elite’s very real concern that a Koori kid from Taree might actually have a bit more influence over the general public than any of their chosen media puppets.

And unfortunately for these arrogant products of Black Excellence, their treatment is only getting worse with a referendum around the corner.

With Adam Goodes still laying low since he was forced into early retirement from the AFL by the Herald Sun and Sky News, esteemed Aboriginal journalist Stan Grant remaining on a hiatus from all media appearances after an organised attack on his character from the same media outlets, and Marcia Langton being misquoted and defamed right across the Australian media landscape – all the way to the Peter Dutton’s Twitter page, it’s almost like any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders that are seen to be proud of their people and love by the Australian public, will be attacked viciously by Australia’s media and political class.

However, one disgruntled talkback caller has this week insisted his issue with Latrell Mitchell has nothing to do with his own prejudices, or the Australian media’s insatiable desire to platform people that are willing to run down blackfellas.

One talk-back caller on the 2GB breakfast show said Mitchell brushed him and his grandchildren when they asked for a photo with him, after spotting him on the outbound lanes of the Pacific Motorway at 110 kilometres per hour.

However, Latrell Mitchell simply responded to his request, from the opposite side of 6 line highway with a blurred noise that sounded like ‘no’ – before disappearing into the distance.

“He could’ve pulled over, dodged three lanes of traffic, and met us in the median strip. All we wanted was a photo” said the caller.

“This is why I’m voting NO to the Voice. They are getting too cocky”

“Hear Hear” said the host.

“Everyone should vote no and teach them their place”


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