As Australian sports journalist continue to hysterically drum clickbait regarding Latrell Mitchell, the 22-year-old double premiership winning NRL star is attracting criticism for taking his time and thoroughly exploring his career options.

There has been roughly 120 articles written about Latrell Mitchell since the full-time buzzer of the 2019 NRL season. This comes as Australian media struggles to accept the very real prospect of a young Indigenous man being paid in accordance with how much he is worth to his employer.

With reporters linking him to almost every other club in the competition as well as several sporting franchises outside of rugby league, the Latrell Mitchell saga continues.

NRL pundits and club officials appear shocked by a rising talent who wants to carefully think about making the most of his physical talents while he still has them, and to manage his money correctly

The fact that he has been out of sight for media paparazzi and spent the off-season helping fight fires on the mid-north coast is also troubling for journalists.

Last week Mitchell was reportedly in discussions with English soccer club, Manchester United, but by Tuesday afternoon it was believed he was looking to transition into synchronised swimming in time for the Tokyo Olympics.

However, Latrell Mitchell has come under fire for not just staying at the same club for eternity on his current salary, which is half of what anyone else with that kind of talent would be getting.

“It’s absolutely disgraceful” says Daily Telegraph sports editor Anne Bulance-Chaser.

“He needs to show some respect and be 100% transparent about the awkward conversations he’s having with club officials and his management about where he plans to be in two seasons time after he’s likely won the Roosters a third premiership back-to-back-to-back”

Fox Sports reporter Chuck Ussaline agrees.

“Latrell Mitchell’s contract negotiations are an absolute binfire right now”

“From my perspective, as a salivating bullshit artist, he’s being very guarded about his personal life and his plans for the future of his family”

“It’s a disgrace”

“He should either sign for less and stay at the same club forever, or he should sign for a shitty club and be surrounded by shitty players and never win again”

“But he can’t be doing neither. All of this ‘taking my time to see what’s best for my young family’ stuff is completely out of line.”

“If he wasn’t such a sook he’d be signing whatever they put in front of him and immediately putting it up his nose or through the pokies. How dare he be so careful about his image and family”


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