Wollongong resident Hugh Cowan (23) is absolutely brimming with excitement at the prospect of travelling to Brisbane for Game 3 of the State of Origin Series. Cowan has proudly supported the Maroons since he first developed an interest in the game in his teenage years, but hasn’t yet been fortunate enough to make a trip up to the Sunshine state in his 23 years on Australian soil.

Hugh, a kitchenhand at the Dapto Dogs and grandson of Brisbane-born public servant John Cowan, is thrilled to be heading to Suncorp Stadium for the series final with a group of six other young men from his Rugby Union team.

“Yeah, pretty stoked to finally be heading up there”, said Cowan.

“I’ve watched every Origin match on TV since 2006 and dad always gets tickets to the Sydney games through work, but I’ve never watched one live drinking XXXX on tap”, he remarked. “I actually normally drink VB anyway, but you can bet your life I’ll be carrying an armful of Gold back to my seat at half time.”

Analysts have predicted that, despite the fact they’ll only be drinking mid-strength beers, the boys will get up to all sorts of mischief on their trip – especially if the Maroons manage to clinch the series.

“When we beat the Blues I’d say we’ll be giving their fans a fair bit of banter on the way out of the stadium” said James Atkins (also 23), Cowan’s best mate since Primary School. “Some of the boys from around here give us a fair bit of shit for going for Queensland, but my old man’s from Bundaberg and Hughie’s dad supports the Maroons, so I reckon it’s play on. You’ve gotta support the same team as your dad.”

“The Cockroaches gave us heaps when they won back in 2014, so when we win the series this year I’m gonna be giving them everything I’ve got. QUEENSLANDER!”



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