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An unlikely tactic of Conor McGregor’s team has emerged today after a small covert listening device was found under the table at Betoota’s Imperial Hotel.

The Advocate can confirm that head coach John Kavanagh has been planting bugs in pubs all across Betoota in the lead up to his fight against Dagestanian Khabib Nurmagomedov to bore into what he calls “an untapped source of mixed martial arts expertise.”

“You’ve got to look for answers in unexpected places, and these groups of intoxicated men with no MMA experience what so ever offer just that.” Said Kavanagh.

“We’ve already taken on board the chatter around Conor’s press conference mind games not being as convincing as usual, he’s now added an hour’s acting coaching into his training schedule”

It’s understood that the team’s been collating all the strategies the drunk fans have been spit-balling and have constructed an entire 5 round game plan.

“We’re going to ward off Khabib’s takedown attempts in the first round, then in the first 20 seconds of the second round we’re going to sting him with a left hook, then for the remaining 3 rounds we’re going to try our best to knock him out”

“Or as one fan suggested we’ll just knock the cunt out in the first 3 seconds”

“That would be an ideal result, but we’ll see!”

The advocate understands that with the fight looming they’ll continue to listen out for more tactics and adapt McGregor’s plan accordingly.

More to come.


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