Local Queensland-based barrister, Carmody Dyson-Street doesn’t like to offer his opinions on the state of world rugby that often.

Mainly because it’s something so close to his heart that it can often descend into firey lectures.

As one of the River City’s most prominent legal eagles, Mr Dyson-Street is heavily invested in the Wallabies, and says he always called Kerry Packer’s bluff that rugby league was going to become the most dominant winter code in Queensland.

As usual, this 63-year-old Ascot resident was right, and last weekend’s 16-all draw to the All Blacks only confirmed that.

“Rugby union, mate. Played at it’s best, is the greatest spectator sport of all time” he tells our reporters.

“You don’t get matches like the one we saw on Sunday afternoon when you are watching that mungo ball”

“I’ve always said the State Of Origin is an overrated spectacle of fireworks and bogans acting like wrestlers”

However, with the Wallabies reclaiming their crown as the most dominant force in world rugby union, Carmody and his buddies at the Tattersalls Club now have a new set of problems.

“I just hope New Zealand rugby can remain competitive,” he says.

“For the good of the game”

“When the All Blacks are doing well, rugby union is doing well”

“It would be such a shame to see the game suffer because our little neighbours can’t compete with us.”

“I know there’s chat about not inviting them into Super Rugby AU next year, but I think it’s our responsibility as the leader of the Southern Rugby World to take them in and try and keep the game alive over there.”

“Let’s just hope it isn’t an embarrassment over there at Eden Park.”


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