The River City is filled with optimism today, after their dramatic 20-12 loss to the Penrith Panthers at Suncorp Stadium last night.

After averaging 8 points per match for the last two seasons, and finishing with a wooden spoon in 2020 – the Brisbane Broncos are now at the point where the fans “losing by not much” is almost just as inspiring as a win.

The Broncos, who have lost 21 of their last 23 games, are now used to conceding over 30 points to the opposition almost every time they hit the paddock.

But this one-team-town’s culture of losing looks like its all about to change, after the boys from Red Hill managed to keep last night’s match locked at 12-all right up until the 75-minute mark.

Unfortunately this tied score was blown out when Nathan Cleary stepped up to snap a two-point field goal, which was followed by another try.

But still, Broncos fans are today ecstatic that their team didn’t get massacred at home last night. Because that’s what many people – including the sports reporters at this very newspaper – predicted would happen.

“We are back baby” says local Brisbane Broncos fan, Stefan Russo (42), at full volume from inside his office overlooking the Brown Snake this morning.

“Fuck all you fuckwits who said we were gonna get the Mercy Rule”

Like hundreds of thousands of other Broncos fans in the unfairly large NRL catchment of South-East Queensland, Stefan Russo is on top of the world about the fact that his team were able to only just lose to a bunch of Western Sydney teenagers last night.

He says after all the shit thats been piled on his team this week, he’s taking down names.

“Fuck all of youse” he says.

“Fuck Buzz Rothfield. Fuck Danny Weidler. Fuck that bald cunt James Hooper. Fuck Paul Kent. Fuck Fletch. Fuck Hindy”

“and fuck anyone in this office that doesn’t bleed for our boys in magenta”

“This is it baby. 2021.”

“This is our year”



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