Reporters from The Betoota Advocate’s River City Bureau have today confirmed that Brisbane is not really in the mood today, aye.

This comes as the Brisbane Broncos recieved the most thorough toweling up in their club’s history, after a 59-0 spanking from the Sydney Roosters at home last night.

The once proud club, who boasts the highest premiership to season ratio in the entire NRL, have once again lost by nearly 60 unanswered points – in what many rugby league fans are describing as a very ‘early 2000s South Sydney’ slump.

This humiliation comes not even four matches after the 58-0 humiliation they suffered against the Eels in last year’s elimination final.

However, unlike the infamous Parramatta rinsing, last night’s defeat to the Tedesco-less Rooster can’t be blamed on player gambling problems.

Instead, the famously well resourced one-club-city are opting to attribute blame to a 20-year-old second-rower’s sore knee.

But that’s only if you really want to get into the nuts and bolts of it, because as any real rugby league fan would know, the sheer size and speed of David Fifita is the only difference between winning and losing by the highest margin that the city of Brisbane has ever had to suffer through.

The Betoota Advocate hit the half-quarantined streets of the Queensland capital this morning to get a few soundbites from the broken city.

“Get fucked” said one Hutchinson builders lollipop man, Stefan (60).

“Nah seriously go and get fucked”

Another crestfallen fan, Debbie from Moorooka’s Red Rooster, had a bit more to say.

“Fuck the Roosters. They are cheaters”

Even QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says she has considered scrapping all COVID-19 restrictions re-opening the state borders to the NSW North Coast and Papua New Guinea, in a desperate effort to boost the young Broncos side.

“Fuck me. Last night was forgettable” said Palaszczuk.

“I’m in half a mind to head down to Taree myself and scout us another Latrell. What the fuck was that?”

With round 5 scheduled against the in-form Manly Sea Eagles in Gosford next Friday, things do not look like they will be getting better any time soon, unless David Fifita lies and says his knee feels better.



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