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After a big few years of making controversial, wildly opinionated often unfounded comments Andrew Bolt may have finally taken a step too far today.

In an exclusive one on one interview with The Advocate Andrew Bolt has made comments set to anger many, regarding the highly controversial form of cricket dismissal called the ‘Mankad.’

The Mankad method of dismissal has long been one of the most contentious in the game. It occurs when a bowler removes the bails at the non-striker’s end of the wicket to catch a batsman out of his crease when he is “backing up,” or moving forward to sneak a quick single and is extremely frowned upon by anyone who is a fan of sportsmanship.

The dismissal was made famous by Vinoo Mankad in 1947, who bowling, paused during the delivery stride of his run-up and broke the wicket at the non-striker’s end, whilst the batsman was out of his crease backing up the striker.

Controversy around the form of dismissing a batsman burst into the spotlight again when Ravi Ashwin took the wicket of Jos Buttler in the IPL this week, a wicket which Andrew Bolt said was perfectly fine.

The pedophile apologist explained to us this afternoon that he thinks there is nothing wrong with a wicket-taking method which many former greats regard as cheating.

“Look simply at the rules of the game, it’s allowed and it’s legal, scholars and schemers should be allowed to dismiss arrogant batsman trying to take advantage of them by sneaking the bails off,” Bolt said.

“Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is a cultural marxist and a leftist hack,” said the man publicly tried to argue that Cardinall Pell’s guilty verdict was wrong.

“If we give in too the left on the Mankad, and change the laws of the game, what next?”

“That’s what your readers should be asking themselves? What next?”

“Do we then force wicket keepers to wear long sleeve shirts, do we then stop 35-year-old divorcee’s from dishing out vile sledges to teenage boys?”

“If we stop the Mankad, the greatest form of dismissal, then what next?” Bolt said finishing at a crescendo and walking out of the interview before we could ask him anything else.


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