Australian Rugby CEO Raelene Castle has called an immediate meeting between all of the games executives to discuss whether or not they should continue with the sacking of star Wallabies fullback Israel Folau.

Folau, who is facing a termination of his contract for using his social media account to once again posting fundamentalist Christian memes that banish non-believers and homosexuals to hell.

However, recent developments in the Folau controversy may redirect the public debate – especially after the aggressive message of support from 209-match NRL veteran John Hopoate.

Hopa, who is well known for fingering opponents arseholes, before being banned from the NRL committing grievous bodily harm on Keith Galloway with a flying elbow to his jaw, took to Facebook and Twitter to take aim at Folau’s bosses in a homophobic rant – that has the entire organisation of Australian Rugby reconsidering their position.

“Why’s everyone so worried about what Israel Folau said,’’ Hopoate wrote in an impressive character reference for the Wallabies superstar.

“All these idiots carrying on like he’s murdered someone. If your (sic) a bloody HOMO who cares, I’ve been called racist names and all other crap all my life and if you can’t handle been told your (sic) going to hell we’ll toughen the F up cause no 1 cares if you do or if you don’t.

“But 1 thing I can say is GOD MADE ADAM AND EVE NOT ADAM AND STEVE.’’

Hopoate also included a number of inflammatory hashtags on his post: “#AustralianRugbyAreMuts #IfTheBossOfTheMajorSponsorIsAHomo #LookForAnotherSponsor #SpeakWhatYouBelieveNotWhatOthersWantYouToSay”.

Raelene Castle was approached for comment, but declined, stating she still wants to know what Eddie McGuire and Anthony Mundine think about this whole thing.


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