The Argentinian Healthcare Service has politely rejected an offer from the nations demigod, Diego Armando Maradona, this morning.

The legend of football and hero of Argentina, reportedly offered to donate his organs to the national health system in the event that he passes.

The all-time great, (possibly even the greatest, he is revered in his home nation more than Lionel Messi ever will be, because he brought home a World Cup for his country), was shocked this morning to have his offer rejected.

The iconic footballer has made headlines for decades now as a result of his taste for the nose dust so popular in the finance and entertainment industry, with many around the world looking on and wondering how much longer he can keep it up.

The Argentinian Health Minister spoke to us over the phone this morning and confirmed that they were not interested, for an obvious reason.

“Ahh, it would be a waste of resources to extract and store his organs. We have no idea how his organs are still even functioning,” the Minister said.

“In fact, it would be dangerous to put the organs into someone else’s body. So no, we do not want them. He has already done enough for our country anyway,” the Minister said.

However, the move has angered some in the health system according to the local press, with a high profile scientist in Argentina furious at the rejection.

According to the scientist, Maradona’s remarkable body parts should be used for research, in order to understand what makes them so durable.

More to come.


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