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In some exciting news out of Apple HQ today, the new iPhone model has been released.

Set to coincide with the beginning of the NRL Offseason, the iPhone BenderX has a raft of new exciting features, many of which haven’t been seen before.

Speaking from San Francisco earlier today, some faceless Apple creative in a skivvy spoke to the crowd of media reporters about the highly anticipated new release.

“This is cutting edge technology. This is communication, re-defined.”

The creative explained that the new triple threat camera will be the perfect accompaniment for anyone wanting to document their bender or any other things that you probably shouldn’t film but feel the need to anyway.

Coming in at just under 3,000 Australian Dollars, the new phone is set to be on shelves before the end of the month, with queues set to begin as early as next week.

New slightly differently coloured shades of metallic pink and grey will be an option ad on in the BenderX Pro for $3999 AUD.

The phone also has a number of cutting edge other features, like a new and updated Siri that gives you life advice and guidance – like if you think an Uber driver might be ripping you off when you are out of your brain the updated Siri will provide you with helpful advice on how to problem-solve.

It’s hoped by many in the traditional media that the release may help generate some stories out of the period where professional young rugby league players have a few months left to their own devices.

More to come.


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