The controversial lobby group for ‘awakened’ and ‘transparent’ dissidents of the nation’s gestapo-like vaccination programs have today released a statement in which they enthusiastically distance themselves from the National Rugby League.

“We know we are considered to be the bottom of the barrel to everyday people… and most of you would think we would think that we would take what we can get…” says Anti-Vaxxers Organise (AVO) spokeswoman, Margot Hipiphuk.

“But even we have limits. We do not want these people endorsing our political and spiritual beliefs”

This follows the bizarre news that has seen NRL has managed to squeeze in just one more flutter of off-field scandals before Thursday night’s round one kick-off, as several players and their wives decide to talk to the media about their plans to not vaccinate their children.

Starting with fringe NRL superstar, Bryce Cartwright and his wife Shanelle, who have announced their plans to let their kids live a life free of government-sanctioned poisoning.

‘We don’t trust hospitals, nappies OR immunisations’ – Shanelle posted on Instagram, which is coincidentally the same platform she uses to educate herself on how medical professionals are sheep that are lying to us.

But she’s not the only one.

Recent Manly Sea Eagles defector, Frank Winterstein and his wife Taylor have also admitted to being into this weird pseudoscience shit.

In fact, they are so into it that Taylor has made a job out of running classes on it.

Winterstein’s workshops, which cost $200 per ticket, are designed to “foster transparency, arm us with groundbreaking information, liberate us from a fear-mongering culture and take back control of our family’s health,” according to her website.

“We are now put in a position where true informed consent can not exist and the narrative surrounding vaccines is always the same,” she claims on the site.

“The benefits of vaccines are constantly over exaggerated and the risk of an adverse reaction severely down played by politicians, journalists and GPs.

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg has responded this news by saying that this is somehow the best news he’s had over the last eight weeks.

“Fuck it, why not.” he said.

“Throw anti-vaxxing in there with revenge porn, exotic animal trafficking, punching on with Ubers”

“May as well throw this shit in while we are in damage control”


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