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One of the few remaining Wallabies fan’s in the country has explained to The Advocate that everything is beginning to add up now.

The long-suffering fan of the game they apparently play in heaven sat down with us briefly at an Old City District Cafe in the bottom of the generic high rise building his law firm is based in to explain how he now understands the Wallabies lean decade or so.

“With these alleged match fixing revelations coming out, it all makes sense now,” said Anthony Silver-Spoon as he sipped from his bottle of San Pellegrino.

“I was beginning to think that maybe the systematic flaws of the game in Australia thanks to the oligarchic organisation that is Rugby Australia, and the fact that Rugby is now pretty much confined to Elite Private schools and their alumni might be the reason the Wallabies have gone to shit.”

“But these revelations that we might have been throwing matches has restored my faith the game isn’t completely broken and spared me from looking inwards on the rugby community.”

“Obviously 10 years of appalling loses and 17 or however many consecutive Bledisloe failures hurts, but now that I know it was just because the boys were purposely missing kicks and knocking the ball on, I feel a little better.”

“And if it’s weeded out and we can win when we don’t throw matches, then I guess we are gonna the World Cup.”

More to come.


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