As the sports rort saga continues to deepen, it has been confirmed today that it’s apparently easier to give out $100 million worth of dodgy grants than get bushfire relief out to fire-affected communities.

While bushfire relief in the form of tax relief, grants, concessional loans and remuneration for volunteer firefighters has been announced and is currently being rolled out, this comes after a fair bit of pushing and agitation from the nation – something that wasn’t required to give out tens of millions of dollars in dodgy grants.

With revelations that Scott Morrison knew about the dodgy partisan grant process, plenty in fire-affected communities who are struggling to rebuild their lives are wondering why as much effort wasn’t put into helping them get back up on their feet.

“I know we aren’t a marginal seat, but fuck, it would be nice if this desire to skirt the rules was applied to the pursuit of helping us get back on our feet,” said one South Coast of NSW Resident.

“I guess actually making a difference in people’s lives isn’t as important as ensuring that your party has the best possible chance of getting good numbers at election time.”


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