A local big fella has had the wind very much taken out of his sails this evening.

Turning up to a friend’s house for the all important Origin Decider, Gordon Hodges thought he would be received like a hero when he waltzed through the door with a case of piss.

However, much to his surprise and shock, the young man was greeted by an outburst of a laughter and a barrage of criticism.

This came after he walked in with a case of Carlton Zeros, in what was a case of his wires crossing in a very unfortunate way.

“Yeah, I fucked up,” he sighed to us after the laughter subsided amongst his friendship group.

“I though Carlton Zero were zero Carbs, like Coke Zero, or Sprite Zero.”

“Obviously I’ve just learnt they are zero alcohol. Which is very frustrating.”

“What a debacle. When I saw how cheap they were I thought it must have been an Origin special of something. Like everything in life though I guess, when it seems too good to be true, it is.”

In the aftermath, Hodges’s mates have refused to let him have any of their Betoota Bitter’s, in what seems to be a cruel joke which Hodges is hoping they will let up on.

“I’ve learnt my lesson, every time you see a cheap case, check the terms and conditions and do your research,” he said.

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