Young love is in the air in Betoota’s French Quarter as a newly moved-in couple Teagan Tognelli and Braden Munsen officially enter the “Shit babe, how many packages do you order” phase of living together.

Although Teagan’s nonna warned that moving in together would anger God, the young couple are pleased to report that living together has been wonderful after getting past the initial conflict of kitchen cleanliness standards.

However, a new argument starter has been brewing in the form of Teagan’s stream of online shopping packages which according to Braden flow as wide as plentiful as the upper Murray.

“Is this another package from ASOS?” asked Braden, holding the plastic wrapped package like it was a soiled pillow.

“Didn’t you order a jumper the other day? What about the one I bought you?”

While Teagan admits she does like to buy new clothes whenever she has a spare minute, she’d much rather do that than never buy anything new like Braden does which, of course, is the only other option.

“They do men’s stuff as well babe,” stated Teagan, browsing an online store while she opened her package.

“Come check it out!”

Our sources confirm that Braden did not check out the online retailer’s range of men’s coats as the only online shopping he does is for luxury items like old Nintendo games and American basketball cards.


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