In a dire warning to her fellow motorists, School Admin Assistant Diane Petrov, 47, has taken aim at tailgaters with her RAV4’s new Yosemite Sam spare tyre cover and she’s clearly not fucking about.

The popular covers feature Looney Tunes character Yosemite Sam with a gun in each hand and the words “BACK OFF!”; a threatening addition common to many non-threatening cars.

“It’s very difficult to convey a message like ‘Please don’t tailgate me because if I have to stop suddenly my insurance excess is $1200’” explained Diane.

“However I think I can effectively get the message across with two words and a picture of a violent belligerent cowboy threatening everybody with two firearms. Personally I’m anti-gun, but I admit I am pro-cartoon-gun, to a degree. Plus I have to do everything I can to protect my car, especially since I just invested $7.95 in new wiper blades.”

Fellow motorist Des Tarrel says he pre-emptively covered his brake pedal when he spotted the moustached menace.

“As soon as I saw Yosemite Sam I was like, whoa, don’t get too close to that car. Anybody that idolises a mentally unstable trigger-happy asshole like Yosemite Sam must be at least partly unhinged and possibly armed. Might just play it safe and give that RAV4 a wide berth. Plus I feel he was probably a racist, which I don’t agree with at all”.


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