An essential cog in the World Cup machine has been showered with praise today, after managing to pull off a spectacular achievement.

The cameraman named Joe (no last name provided) has drawn international attention for his coverage of one of the football matches taking place in Qatar.

The veteran of sports coverage broke ground this morning when he somehow managed to go 10 whole minutes without zeroing in on an absolute smoke-show sitting in the crowd.

Mandated in the Football Coverage Handbook, previous schools of thought had dictated that a cameraman must find a good looking woman in the crowd at least every 4-5 minutes.

That usually results in long pauses from the commentator as he tries to think of something to say that won’t get him in trouble.

However, recent changes to laws have meant that it is no longer mandatory.

It’s believed cameraman Joe has now become the first camera jockey to break with tradition and just spend his time finding colourful characters and people in the crowd having fun.

Speaking to The Advocate from his Doha hotel room, Joe explained to us that he isn’t really sure how he did it.

“A wave just came over me, where I thought I would focus on super fans going crazy in the crowd rather than objectifying women,” said Joe.

“I had a few impulses to zero in on a stunner near where I was based, but I somehow held strong and just focused on the party going on in Bay 6 and 7.”

“The whole thing was a bit of a whirlwind to be honest.”

It’s unknown if the move will set a precedent moving forward, but Joe says he’s confident of repeating the feat.

More to come.


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