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A local bloke has proved he may be a tad hypocritical, after moaning about women being ‘too emotional’ just weeks after chucking a hissy fit about sportsball.

Ben Miller, 35, is alleged to have made these remarks during drinks with his mates last night, after a chat about his problems with his boss descended into him ranting about ‘women being too emotional.’

“I just can’t deal with it, women are way too emotional”, Ben ranted, having just described a rather mundane work scenario,“I prefer having a male boss.”

However, after speaking to a few of his mates, The Advocate learns that apparently the die hard Blues fan can get pretty emotional too.

“Yeah it was a bit rich, he’s the angriest bloke I know”, says his friend Phil, “you should have seen his reaction to Joseph-Aukuso Sua’ali’i getting suspended for roughing up Reece Walsh.”

“He screamed so hard at the TV, I thought he was going to burst a blood vessel.”

“We tried to console him, but he wouldn’t say a word. It was like the world had ended for him.”

Ben, however, fails to see the irony.

“Nah, it’s not the same thing at all”, says Ben, forgetting that anger is an emotion too.

“I’m just passionate.”

More to come.


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