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Fitzroy local Rachel Durnham will be having absolutely nothing to do with her work’s Melbourne Cup activities today.

Nope, not even the promise of free champagne or a spectacular looking charcuterie board can sway her. And she’s an absolute slut for a good charcuterie board.

For you see, much like half the nation it seems (or in reality, city dwellers) Rachel finds horse racing to be a cruel and exploitative sport, and doesn’t understand why people find it morally okay to partake in a celebration that results in the death of hundreds of horses a year.

Which is a perfectly understandable take to have, had Rachel been a normal person…and not the number one user of ketamine in Australia (not officially proven, but it’s alleged last time Rachel had a blood test, she had enough in her system to sink four Clydesdales).

Ketamine, a hydrochloride tranquilliser used in veterinary practice for the sedation of animals and reptiles, is notoriously used for taking down horses, and needed in abundance at this time of year, when the vets out the back of Flemington stables want to quickly deliver a dart to an ailing horse.

However, due to the Melbourne local’s prolific use of chasing the K hole, an inside has now revealed vets only have enough supply to take down one horse – urging jockeys to be extra careful today.

More to come.


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