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When it comes to having a furry companion, the sad reality pet owners must face is accepting you’ll have to say goodbye to them at some point, which as any pet owner can contest, is truly a painful experience –  whether it’s a sudden accident or departing with a friend who’s been by your side for fifteen years.

For local woman Nicole Everett, this inevitable mortality is just not something she can bear to experience ever again, having lost her beloved childhood pet Binx a few years ago to a busy road. 

A fate she felt she’d had a hand in, since she decided to name her cat after a Hocus Pocus character who also had an unfortunate run in with a car.

As a massive animal lover, it’s been hard at times to avoid the urge to adopt, especially whenever she finds herself scrolling through various animal videos on Dodo or petting all the happy fluffballs tied up in front of her local Woollies.

But now, Nicole has found the perfect solution to her urges – she has become a plant mum.

First experimenting with one of those cheap vine plants at her local supermarket, Nicole had quickly found herself fussing, pruning and finding the perfect spot in her room for ‘indirect sunlight’ which had been advised on the leaflet. 

So now, whenever she finds herself browsing through the RSPCA website to find a cat that looks similar to her longlist Binx, she just buys a plant instead – thirty seven of them, in fact.

And though she does get a little bit sad when the occasional one wilts, Nicole is able to deal with the loss of a plant a lot better than a pet.

Mostly, because a plant can’t cuddle you at night and snuggle their fluffy face under your chin, while they happily purr away and do that cute little paw thing.

Which is TOTALLY FINE. She doesn’t need affection. 

She has her plants.

Her sad, cold, unloving plants.

More to come.


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