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With absolutely nothing planned for the weekend, local woman Didi Carter reaches out to the faithful couple she can always rely on for a last minute dinner – Bec and George.

At the age of twenty nine, Didi found herself in the odd position of watching the majority of her friends get shacked up and tick items off the adult bingo card, which made it increasingly harder to find someone to go out with. That, and people edging closer to thirty typically tended to shy away from clubbing, unless they were going through a breakup.

So as a single girl who didn’t have someone to go on dinner dates with, Didi was either left with the choice of finding some younger friends or playing third wheel. The latter being difficult, as many of her couple friends have become a little insular as the relationship progressed.

Luckily Bec and George are not only very welcoming but also a hoot to hang out with. Even though being in their company makes Didi acutely aware of her singledom status.

Which is why she chooses to joke about it at any given opportunity.

Watching as the couple had a little tiff over what to order as an entree , Didi interjected with a playful quip to lighten the mood.

“Hahah OMG mum and dad stop fiiiiighting!”

“I can’t be a child of divorce!”

More to come. 


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