Julia Watts started this year like all of the others before it – full of positivity and mildly excited for the year ahead.

However, that bridled positivity has already taken a big hit, with the 26-year-old strolling through Legends Gym in Betoota Heights this evening.

Walking into the large understaffed stinky testosterone-fuelled gym in accordance with her resolution to get back into a regular physical routine again, the young Occupational Therapist was treated to a plethora of aspiring roid boys ‘putting in work.’

“Immediately, I was reminded of last year’s resolution,” she sighed to our reporter after some short stints on the exercise bike and rowing machine.

“It was a different gym, but it was the exact same scene.”

“Packed to the rafters on the first week from holidays, featuring peacocking blokes in stringlets grunting and throwing their weights down as loudly as they can and hogging all of the equipment.”

Watts admitted to The Advocate that she is feeling a little naive today.

“I knew I should have waited a week. It’s the busiest week for the gym. I couldn’t get any machines or within a few metres of anything other than cardio apparatuses,” she said.

“I mean I hate the classes they put on, but I think I’ll have to get back into those to avoid all of these pumped-up fuck heads using things like the squat racks for 15 minute long bench press sets.”

“Or maybe I’ll just do what I did last year and avoid this place for a few months time then quit as soon sport gets back.”

“I don’t know, anyway I need to get out of here,” she said.


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