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A local woman has today defended the looks of a potential suitor after it was revealed that the man couldn’t take a good picture to save his life.

Shannon Martin, tried in vain to find a photo where her crush at least looked sub-human but found herself coming up empty despite scrolling through three years of photo albums.

For some reason, the camera does not seem to do her crush justice, even when he wasn’t pulling a stupid face or throwing up a gang sign. Knowing this, Shannon has refused to give her friend any of her crush’s details, as a quick scroll through his feed would confirm that Jason Wells was definitely a dickhead.

“Yeah hang on I’m just trying to find one.”

“I swear he’s hot just not photogenic.”

Shannon started feeling the heat when her friend, Jen, began to lose interest and play on her phone, prompting her to give up on finding a decent shot and instead settle for a photo where Jason looks only a smidge cooked.

“Okay I’m going to show you a photo but he’s way better looking in real life so don’t judge.”

When Jen replied with an unimpressed ‘oh yeah’, Shannon doubles down in her defense, because god forbid she has a crush on someone her friend doesn’t rate highly in the looks department.

“I swear he’s really cute you’ll have to meet him, he looks completely different.”

More to come.


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