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A woman has been informed that it’s time to move on, after not only being stuck on the same bloke for two years but one that she hadn’t even had a relationship with.

Shannon Riley [27] is reported to have tortured her friends by mentioning the guy whenever possible, even using her situationship experience as a point of reference for whenever her mates had issues with their real relationships.

But now, after suffering through hearing the name ‘Joe’ on a weekly basis, Shannon’s mates have had enough.

It’s time for her to move on.

It’s alleged this intervention occurred last Friday night, after a moony eyed Shannon was heard yet again singing Joe’s praises – completely unprompted, as usual.

“He was soooo cuddly”, said Shannon, “I don’t think I’ve ever been with someone that affectionate.”

“He used to hold my hand when we slept.”

“Sometimes I think I sh-“

“Shannon, I love you but you really need to move on.”

“He has a girlfriend now love, it’s time.”

More to come.


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