Relatively normal man, Bradley Moore, was scrolling through his Facebook feed when something that appeared to be a Japanese toenail peeling device caught his eye.

Thinking it was an article, Bradley was shocked to discover it was actually an item he could buy.

“I was a little bit confused, as I thought Facebook ads were targeted? I don’t know what the hell I could have been looking at for that to come up.”

Bradley says the image was part of an ad series and that the products got weirder and weirder the more he scrolled. Ranging from used crack pipes, to oversized butt plugs and fake, pulsating ball sacks, Bradley had thought it was some kind of fetish website.

“At first I just found it all to be quite funny,” says Bradley, “I even considered buying a fart flavoured vape pen for my mate.”

“But the more I looked, the more sinister it got.”

Bradley’s new addiction saw him prowling through the website and sharing the cursed images to his friends and families.

Like navigating the dark web, Bradley soon came across an image he could never unsee, revealing that it involved ‘a bag of human teeth’, and ‘three detachable air horns.’

“It’s a bloody perverted site,” says Bradley, shivering slightly, “they supposedly sell normal stuff too but it was hard to find.”

“Tried to find a nice coat for my dog and it shows me some weird gimp suit.”

“How do they get this shit through customs?”

According to a past employee of Wish.com, the perverted ads are actually a secret marketing tactic used to get people to click on the website.

Though it’s unsure how many sales are generated from the shock tactics, Bradley reckons it’s a joke that’s gone too far.

“I can’t go anywhere on the web now without some weird baby masks or butthole cleaners following me.”

“Going to have to throw the whole bloody computer away now.”


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