A Betoota Heights household decided it was high-time they forced their friends to participate in the shared indignity of a couples dinner party. 

Party hosts Shirley and Roy Mycroft invited over a small group of friends including Shirley’s mate from work Yoke-Eng and her new partner Herb, meaning talk of Yoke-Eng’s divorce was sadly off the table.

In the absence of juicy goss, Roy decided to fulfill his obligations as the male half of a hetero dinner party hosting couple and ask Herb if he’d like a drink on the balcony.

“Looks like it might rain.”

“Oh, that could be nice…”

After thoroughly discussing what a wet summer we just had, Roy asked Herb what he did for a living to which he received the suspiciously vague answer of “in tech.”

“Aah OK!” said Roy with the enthusiasm of a Play School presenter praising a child for the most woeful of finger paintings. 

“Shirles! Herb works in tech!”

As the night continued and the party sat for appetisers and a main course as if spacing food out makes you more sophisticated, it became clear to all that Herb did not shy away from talking about his job, even if no one had any idea what the fuck it all meant.

“We did some work for the Gorillaz. Great guys. Didn’t get to meet any of them of course, just heard about it.”

At the end of the night as the guests cleared out, it was evident no one had had a good time except for Herb himself, who was overjoyed everyone had taken a keen interest in his occupation.

“I’m used to people asking me questions like that. I think it’s because they don’t have the data.”


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