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A young local woman from Betoota’s French Quarter is doing a bit of soul searching at her desk this morning.

The woman named Cynthia Williams, who was cooking a pot of pasta 18 or so hours ago, says she’s feeling pretty empty today.

Without an endorphin in her body, Williams told The Advocate early this morning that her weekends always seem to vanish in a flash.

“I just don’t know where this weekend went,” sighed the Accounts Manager who was cooking an entire saucepan full of pasta to consume with half a litre of tomato sauce and some grated cheese at 3am on Saturday night.

“I always seemed to get back to my desk on a Monday morning even more burnt out than I was when I left on Friday,” said the woman who kicked things off with a few joint trips to a toilet cubicle at a popular city worker’s bar on Friday evening.

“Friday rolled into Saturday and I spent Sunday moping around licking my wounds, and got the generic bout of anxiousness when the light started to fade in the evening, as another weekend drew to a close.”

“One day I’ll get my shit together, go straight home after work on Friday, get a good nights sleep and then go for a day trip out to Lake Betoota, or go for a walk up the range,” the young woman lied.

More to come.


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