For the people fortunate enough to have an essential office job that allows them to work from home, this weekend marks two weeks of making home office jokes on social media. 

A learning experience for many, there have been several reports of cautionary tales regarding the rationing of porn breaks and double-checking you’re on mute before actually telling everyone in the conference call how you really feel.

Although the experience of working in a Costanzian live-in workplace largely depends on the quality of your living conditions and how much Animal Crossing you can get away with on work time, one thing everyone seems to agree on is that we’re officially fucking done with having cameras on during conference calls.

“First day the boss was laughing telling everyone to have cameras on,” stated project manager Lachlan Madgwick (32). 

“I immediately exited the shitter and put a shirt & tie on.”

According to Madgwick, he and his co-workers formed a silent coup d’etat to slowly bring an end to the age of seeing how shit they look when they’re at home with no one to judge them.

“Slowly, we turned no camera into the new normal. No one wants to be the only one on there showing off how uninspired your cushion selection is. This is a win,” stated Madwick, as he continued to draft a multi-million dollar proposal while his bare testicles rested on the couch his whole family uses.


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