An unassuming high school nerd has debuted a bold brand refresh this week, announcing to the social mediasphere that he now lifts heavy things. 

And lifts them loudly.

The Advocate understands that at approximately 6:58pm, veteran nerd and EG Games manager Jacob Kelvin, posted a video onto Facebook showcasing his ability to perform a rather heavy gym maneuver. 

Sporting several layers of knee strapping and some weight lifting gloves, it appears Mr Kelvin was looking forward to launching his new personality and added in an extensive caption for good measure.

“Getting it done. New PB! First 60 kg clean. Lots to improve upon before my first comp next month. Thanks to the guys at BodyNutrix for my health stack this week. DM me for training advice..”, Mr Kelvin wrote on Facebook.

It’s been a big week for Betoota’s local social landscape as yet another ex-High School student attempted to use the platform to publicly renovate their persona.

Speaking to a number of fellow classmates from the Betoota Heights Class of 2012, The Advocate understands the new bench press personality was a distinct shift from the behaviour Mr Kelvin displayed during High School.

An avid warhammer nerd and Game of Thrones book reader, fellow classmates would agree Host displayed all the characteristics of a guy who would ultimately end up working in an IT installation business.

Speaking to former Sports Vice Captain, now qualified PE Teacher Ken Andrews, The Advocate understands Mr Kelvin never appeared athletically gifted during his formative years.

“Yeah he wasn’t sporty at all, he was a proper dungeons and dragons nerd,” said Mr Andrews.

“The kind of guy that would forge a note from his Mum so he didn’t have to go to the School swimming carnival,” 

“But it’s nice to see he found something active he likes.”

“I mean judging by his daily weight lifting posts, he’s clearly enjoying dressing up like Rob Van Dam and giving himself long term spinal damage, so good on him!”


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