Waking up to a series of voice notes from her best friend Tracey, local woman Natasha Potts knows she’s about to hear some absolute bangers.

It’s alleged the 23-year-old had gone to bed unusually early the night before and had missed the 9:30 mark, which is usually the time her friend had a meltdown.

Though Tracey had a habit of dangling gossip by dropping in an ‘Omg you won’t believe what happened, followed by fifteen minutes of silence, it’s evident whatever has happened to Tracey has warranted multiple voice notes. All of which are maxed out to 59 seconds in length.

It’s unknown why sending voice memos has become so popular all of a sudden, especially amongst millennials who are notorious for hating phone calls.

For Natasha, she cites that voice memos are the perfect compromise to a phone call as it’s less commitment but still offers a sense of emotional closeness – and far quicker than a long, convoluted text message.

Though she regularly complains about her friend’s penchant for theatrics and need for constant attention, it’s evident Natasha secretly enjoys her friend’s shenanigans by just how quickly she puts her earphones in.

More to come.


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