A win for the gig economy has emerged in the form of local bouncer Peter Harris (40) who claims he’s never worked a day in his life.

From a notable family of street violence enthusiasts, Harris tried various career paths as both a PE teacher and a fledgling member of the Queensland Police.

Somehow, Harris was a little too agro for both of those occupations but managed to find a home as a bouncer at the Betoota Railway Hotel.

And as the old saying goes, if you find a job you love you never work a day in your life, a phrase Harris holds dear as he feeds some drunken bugger into the concrete.

“Mate, this can go one of two ways,” Harris explained to a drunk patron who was getting concussed either way.

“Either we take this outside or you leave quietly and look like a little baby-faced wuss. Your call.”

Thankfully for Harris, the drunk patron wanted to take it outside which meant he got to show our reporters first hand why he loves his job.

“Sorry gents, got a bit carried away there. That guy really looked a lot like my stepdad.”


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