Meandering through Betoota’s peak hour afternoon traffic, Thomas Pooley was left facing quite a conundrum this afternoon.

After a hedonistic weekend where he polluted his body like a giant Indian resources company let loose in the Galilee basin, the Engineer from our town’s Heights district said he’s feeling a little remorseful today.

However, despite the fact that he relentlessly punished the vessel that carries him this weekend, young Pooley was craving a little treatie to bring him back to life on this slow Monday afternoon.

Rolling home after a big day of doing his best to look occupied in the site office, Pooley decided that he couldn’t hold out and that mid arvo snack to get him through to dinner was inevitable.

“What’s wrong with a cheeky little Maxibon pick me up, I’ve been keen to have a run at the new Double Handle as well,” he said to us walking out of the servo.

“I needed to fuel up anyway,” lied the young man who had three-quarters of a tank and drives past 4 service stations on the way to work each day.

“Besides, I’m going to go to the gym tomorrow morning and I’ll actually make an effort to get to footy training on Thursday night.”

Pooley then explained that he would definitely be getting up before sunrise tomorrow in the freezing Channel Country air to hit the gym he hasn’t been too for over three weeks now.

“I actually hate getting up in the mornings, but I’m going to do it tomorrow,” said the young man already halfway through his Double Handle Maxibon.

“Being legit.”


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