A physically and arguably existentially unremarkable yuppie has this week raised eyebrows with a questionable claim.

Michael Gomez (28) did so by informing his friends that they stood no chance in their upcoming game of social tennis.

Enjoying a bi-yearly hit of some worn and busted old tennis balls with shitty hand me down racquets, Michael told his mates that their prospects of winning a couple of sets were likely quite low – given he had ‘that dog in him.’

“I might be physically unremarkable, but I got that dog in me,” explained young Gomez.

“I scrap, I fight, I bark and I bite.”

“And you are going to see that when you try and go toe to toe with me from the baseline,” continued the young corporate man who lives for a rush in any sporting arena.

It’s unknown where exactly the local man came up with the idea of having ‘the dog in him,’ or whether he does indeed believe it to be true, but it can be confirmed that he fell 6-2, 6-1 to one of his mates in just under 37 minutes.

More to come.


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