For many Australians, the sun has set on the cheesy, boozy days of the summer break but for some it is not yet high noon.

Betoota University student Sidney Zo (20) is making the most out of their second month of summer holidays, as in a couple of days there will only be just over a month of uni holidays left.

Although recent federal government changes have continued to make a degree a luxury item, one long standing luxury of studying at a university is the sheer amount of time off, with breaks making up five out of the 12 months of the year for those who don’t do a summer semester. 

Being one of the 63% of students who doesn’t care about finishing uni on time, Zo did not take a summer semester as she insists that she needed a well-earned and borderline glutinous break.

“Can’t believe I’ve only got another month and a bit left of holidays,” stated Zo, after answering the door to our reporting team at 11am wearing the clothes she had slept in.

“I’m making the most out of my time though, I’m getting up every day at nine and I’ve got like three new Sims expansion packs.”


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