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As local mum Courtney Delonge watches her newborn erupt into the biggest smile she’s ever seen, she wonders if it’s rational to resent your child.

Because that smile is not for her, no. It’s for daddy.

After spending an entire day with attending to the unrelenting needs of her son Jacob, Courtney wouldn’t have been wrong to think that his affection would be reserved solely for her. But despite all the cuddling, cooing, rocking, feeding and changing of nappies, all she’s ever been able to elicit is the teeniest, tiniest of smiles.

Which would be FINE, if Jacob didn’t look at his dad as though he was seeing the sun for the first time. For god sake, he only sees him for two hours a day.

Speaking to the advocate, a tired looking Courtney explains her frustrations, and desperation for little Jacob’s approval.

“Is it bad that I kind of thing he should get fucked sometimes?”, asks Courtney to our reporter, who just shrugs, “and yes, I know that’s a harsh thing to say about a baby.”

“I guess I thought my days of being rejected by blokes was over haha.”

Adding that her husband also manages to get all the laughs as well, Courtney says she hopes Jacob changes his tune when he gets older.

More to come.


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