As the calendar progresses towards the pointy end of the year, the chances of spending the weekend at home with some spag bol and a sitcom and are increasingly less likely.

It’s not yet silly season, but we aren’t far off.

Footy finals, spring carnival, and loosening social distancing restrictions means thats the turps are flowing every Friday and Saturday night, and sometimes mid-week if you have a problem.

This is why the two blind drunk morons in the front bar of Betoota’s Lord Kidman Hotel are already talking about their plan for tomorrow.

“Oi what are you doing for Bunnies vs Panthers?” asks Kegga.

“Dunno. What are you doing?” replies his best mate, Doosa.

“I dunno. Was thinking of doing something though”


The two ponder on it for a minute, before deciding that coming straight back to this exact pub tomorrow, seems like a good enough plan.

“Should we just come here?” asks Kegga.

“Yeah. I reckon” says Doosa.

“Fuck yeah. Lock it in!”

Both blokes then finish their schooners at the same time, before drunkenly walking to the bar together for Kegga to buy two more, because they are in a shout.

“Oi” says Doosa, as he fiddles with a coaster at the bar.

“What are you doing tonight for Canberra vs Storm?”

“Dunno” says Kegga.

“Oi should we just watch it here”

“Yeah lock it in”



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