Lisa Fields had reactivated her Tinder for the seventeenth time when she ended up matching with a cute footballer named Greg.

Not expecting to hear anything from him, Lisa was pleasantly surprised when he messaged her “How r u?”

“I’ve not had a lot of luck on Tinder,” says Lisa.

“Most of the time you don’t get a response or they stop replying after a few messages.”

“It got to the point where I seriously thought these guys were only there to boost their Instagram following.”

Lisa says she’d been ruthlessly swiping left on a number of dudes with tribal tats, when she heard from Greg.

Though he was quick to reply, Lisa says he wasn’t exactly a gifted conversationalist.

“It started out alright… or at least it might have been but maybe I’ve lowered my standards too much.”

“I replied ‘yeah I’m good, you’ and he said ‘yeah pretty good.”

“Honestly that’s the most syllables I got out of him.”

Despite being an absolute dud, Lisa persevered with the conversation in the hopes of finding common ground.

Though she doesn’t want to admit it, the effort was mainly due to the fact that Greg had some serious bicep game.

“He managed to reply ‘haha yeah’ to everything – even when it didn’t make sense,” says Lisa, puzzled.

“I told him I was going out that weekend, you know, as a hint.”

“He says ‘haha yeah.”

After talking to some girlfriends, Lisa has now come to the conclusion that there’s no way a grown man could possibly be that bad at holding a conversation.

“Yeah I think he’s a bot”, says Lisa.

“Or at least, I hope he is.”


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