A boundary will remain uncrossed today as a Betootan therapist made it quite clear to one of her clients that she really doesn’t want to be in a BeReal post.

BeReal is a newish social media app that gives out two randomly timed alerts during the day that require users to promptly upload a photo that shows both the user and what they are currently looking at.

According to the app creators, BeReal is here to be a social media app grounded in reality and an escape from the other social media platforms that also started as a grounded alternative to other social media platforms.

Recent studies have shown that the more social media apps a person participates in the more likely they are to suffer from anxiety or depression which has put many a therapist in the awkward position of refusing to be in their client’s BeReal post.

“No thank you, there is already a photo of me on my website, that’s quite enough of me on the internet thank you,” stated French Quarter therapist Dr Tia Crisante who has recently made a fortune after specialising in Millennial issues. 

“I thought we talked about less time on social media?”

Dr Crisante was then forced to listen as her client told her about why having her in the BeReal post would be more authentic.

“I know you’re paying me to listen but I’m going to have to up my rate if this is going to be the quality of conversation.”



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