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A bloke who’s still committed to playing rugby multiple times a week is unknowingly on borrowed time, having embarked in a game of russian roulette for roughly several months now, it’s reported.

Despite having seen quite a few healthy people get taken down by the dreaded ACL tear, Damian Wallace [35] still hasn’t figured out that playing contact sports in your 30s just isn’t possible anymore, as not only are your hinges more susceptible to getting worn out but the recovery is going to take you ten times longer.

Just like an episode of Plane Crash Investigations, Damian is unaware he’s a Boeing 737 with a crack in the engine, that should have had an extensive maintenance check 10,000km ago – and his knees are the doomed passengers.

Watching as his thirty something mates dropped like flies and began to resume less intensive activities, such as cycling, rock climbing, jogging or circuit fitness, Damian is positive he will be absolutely fine, a long as he keeps everything strapped up.

If only he knew.

More come.


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