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Attendees at Betoota Height’s most popular yoga studio ‘Yoshi Flow’, have all shared similar thoughts during class this morning, after someone who was a little too flexible decided to put on a show.

The class are reported to have collectively felt pretty good about themselves for just turning up, seeing as the chilly mornings made it especially hard to get up at 6am.

However, any positive feelings were quickly dashed when the instructor informed the class they could do a more difficult position if they were comfortable doing so, and the fittest looking person in the class promptly pivoted into a jaw dropping split handstand.

“Oh for fuck’s sake I’ve just woken up”, thought one woman, who can only hold a downward dog for twenty seconds, “bloody showoff.”

“Doing way too much.”

Another bloke, who was proud he was able to leave his doona this morning, frowns as he tries to copy her and quickly finds himself falling to the floor.

It’s alleged the acrobatics continued for the entirety of the session, with even the yoga instructor casting a few perplexed glances towards the woman slowly turning into a pretzel.

More to come.


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