In a refreshing change for the rate-payers in Betoota’s light industrial Flight Path District, newly elected mayor Keeley Uebergang (56) appears to only represent the interests of those who voted for her.

This comes after the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) decided to vet the local councillor, just in case they have to come back out here in three years for a full blown investigation – as is the case at the back end of any local government term.

“It’s weird, I know” says lead CCC investigator, Boe Fitzgerald.

“It appears that her family is made up of just normal residents who work in schools, hospitals and small business”

The Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) is an independent Queensland Government entity created to combat and reduce the incidence of major crime and to continuously improve the integrity of, and to reduce the incidence of misconduct in, the Queensland public sector – particularly local councils.

With hundreds of old warehouses in the Flight Path District recently rezoned for residential use, locals say they were just waiting until a few dodgy DAs get approved for developers that are either part of Ms Uebergang’s immediate family, or her husband’s family.

Furthermore, close monitoring of the new mayor appears to show that not only does she not have any relatives in the residential development game, but she also appears to have no existing relationships with any of the undesirable Betoota Dolphins RLFC ex-players, most commonly implicated in any form of corruption in the local shire.

“I think she’s honestly just an accountant who wanted to give back to her community by taking a pay cut and working for the council” says the investigator.

“It doesn’t really add up. We might look into her assets. She might have ties to the new light rail contactors.”

“But, then again, they are the same company that were hired last time we tried to build this form of infrastructure”


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