A sleepy cul-de-sac in Betoota Downs has been the scene of some frantically excited teenage energy tonight, after a parent-free house party ended up implicating a couple hundred kids in a clear violation of the Queensland Weapons Act.

16-year-old Dizza Creasey’s unwise decision to disrespect his childhood home with an illegal gathering of high schoolers appears to have paid off, after an extremely concerning revelation actually resulted in him hosting ‘the party of the year’ – according to his peers.

At about 10:30PM AEST, a rumour spread that one of the older boys that had gatecrashed the event was carrying an illegal firearm on his person.

It was not known who exactly was carrying the loaded Ruger-57 10 Shot, but it is believed to have been one of the blokes that arrived in the convoy of WRXs that were parked on the nature strip.

Bella, a 15-year-old tenth grader, is alleged to have been shown the metallic black object when the owner was encouraged by his rag tag entourage to show the inquisitive teenager just how red hot they were.

Within minutes the news spread that someone in this party was in possession of a prohibited weapon that carries a penalty five years imprisonment according to state law.

It is not yet known if the low-recoiling 5.7x28mm calibre pistol was acquired for protection against rival groups of at-risk young men, or was for the purpose of intimidating teenagers looking to buy drugs.

Those present claim that, aside from when it was used to impress a stoned underage minor, the firearm remained hidden for the duration of the evening – and never left the vicinity of the outdoor tables next to the pebblecrete pool.

However, the sheer novelty of this damning insight into youth crime was met with sheer excitement – resulting in the dancefloor packing out to the dulcet tones of Pop Smoke rapping over his gritty gangster hip hop classic Dior.

When asked for a comment about the fact that his party played host to a very worrying and potentially life-altering criminal conspiracy, Dizza said that’s just what happens, reiterating that last night was a movie no cap.


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