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Sydney’s Star Casino has taken the extraordinary step of adding COVID-19 to the ‘Black List’, effectively banning it from the venue for life.

COVID-19 joins a long list of notable names that have been blacklisted from Sydney’s Star Casino – Including Rex Hunt, John Hopoate, Gretel Killeen, the entire 2006 West Coast Eagles side, and everyone one from Newcastle with the surname Johns.

Earlier this month, officers from Liquor and Gaming NSW visited the casino and issued it with a $5000 fine after noting patrons standing up whilst drinking instead of correctly sitting, in front of a poker machine with a fistful of pineapples and a thousand yard stare.

To prevent further COVID-19 damage, The Star Entertainment Group’s Board of Directors voted unanimously to impose the ban, which is to take effect immediately.

To enforce the ban, all security personnel have been issued with a colour picture of the virus, a Scanning Electron Microscope, and 4 hours of intensive microbiology training to enable them to identify the virus if it tries to enter.

Security manager Sam Haley says since the new measures were implemented there have been a few cases of COVID-19 entering the venue. “They’ve tried, for sure,” he said “just last week a COVID-19 tried to get in. But he was asked to leave after being identified by security using a microscope. He did have a Driver’s Licence but it was clearly fake; it looked authentic at first, but on closer inspection, it was really, really small”.


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