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Aubrey Hobbs has helpfully warned her friend in advance that she simply must analyse and discuss a situation for the 20th time, to see if there’s any possible way to scrape out just the teeniest tiniest more explanation, it’s reported.

Sitting down with her best friend Laura last night, the topic of conversation went from a rather serious and solemn chat about the cost of living and the future of the world, to Aubrey bringing up the demise of her relationship – which ended roughly three months ago.

Leading in with a ‘sorry, I know I keep talking about it!’, Aubrey luckily knows that Laura can’t tell her to shut the fuck up, because she does it all the time too.

“Okay I promise I’ll drop it at some point, I’m still just having trouble wrapping my head around it”, says Aubrey, as Laura lets out a small sigh, “do you reckon he regrets it at all?”

Laura does the right thing and gently nods.

“Do you think I’ll be the one who got away? I don’t know, I just keep hoping he’ll message again.”

Laura nods, and lets out a ‘yeah dude of course.”

“He said he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship but that I was perfect but if I was so PERFECT, he would have stayed, right?”

“Nah, it’s not you I promise. Some people just aren’t ready”, Laura soothes, patting Aubrey on the shoulder.

“Laura…I think I’m just completely unloveable and obviously just not pretty enough for him..”

“Nooo aw, babe no. I always thought he was a bit odd, to be honest.”

More to come.


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