A Brisbane local has today apologised for being a disgusting pig, after picking up her mate in a car that didn’t look like it came from a showroom.

It’s alleged Janice Hobson [23] had agreed to be a driver in exchange for petrol money and a ride buddy, for what should be a fun girls trip to the coast.

This trip is said to have been a good two months coming, as repeat cancellations and conflicting work schedules made it difficult to get the group together – and of course, the ever difficult Bec, who seemed to have a couple’s activity booked every weekend.

But finally, after much back and forth and only one person going AWOL, the trip is actually happening – and by god, are they ready to get absolutely sauv plonked.

“Sorry about the mess”, says Janice, brandishing her hand to a passenger seat with a single piece of lint on it, “ I didn’t have time to clean.” 

“Oh, it’s fine, don’t worry”, says Jess, knowing full well that her own car was home to multiple McDonald’s bags and a few fallen chips, “it’s not messy at all haha.”

More to come.


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