A sudden societal change has taken place this past week as everyone agrees that incest is wrong again, now that the dragon show is done for a bit.

The prequel series to Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon reprises the same political intrigue, fantasy world and possibility for a disappointing ending as the original TV and book series.

For a fantasy prequel to a show with a widely maligned ending, HOT D was already a hard sell without the incestuous relationship between two of the main characters.

Yet it seems that Matt Smith can really do no wrong as viewers collectively swoon at the sight of his abusive relationship with his onscreen niece.

Now that the first series of HOT D has concluded, millions of viewers are prepared to put up their hand, admit they got carried away and agree that incest has been wrong the whole time.

“Yeah, you’re definitely not meant to ship Rhaenyra and Daemon,” stated viewer Georgina Stone, who had spent the last ten weeks doing just that.

“But they are really meant to be together. They are made of fire. Being related, that’s just another thing they have in common.”

“It’s how things were back then. Well, not back then but you know what I mean.”



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