An Australian slab of tall poppy syndrome might just be what the good doctor ordered after a small town pie shop has really let the success go to their heads.

In the coastal Betoota sister town of Magpie Bay, local pie shop The Pissed Patissier has built up a reputation for baking pies so good people from the city have eaten some too.

Opened in 2018, owner and head baker Owen Gluck (46) sought to create a new pie experience, specifically one that he profited from personally.

Six years into operations and a cumulative 118 awards later and residents of Magpie Bay are beginning to think that Gluck and his team are getting a bit big for their boots and developing delusions far beyond their saucy station.

“Prices increase, that’s normal but $11 for a weekly special pie, which they’re calling a ‘drop’ and not a special, c’mon,” stated Pissed Patissier regular/food blogger @juleseatsmagpiebay.

“Gone are the well managed queues, gone are the coffee loyalty cards, gone are the smiles.”

“Yes, the panang curry pie is so good that I’m leaving it some money in my will, but honestly, it’s not that great right?” 

The Advocate reached out to Gluck for comment and received an automated message response that asked us to contact their PR firm for all media enquiries. 


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